The Original Cannabis-Enhanced Yoga comes to the East Bay with Oakland's Jess Dugan on Sunday Afternoons and Thursday nights!

$25 class includes an all levels hatha yoga practice enhanced with complimentary sun grown organic joints, health-forward edibles, borrowed vape pens, topicals, and tinctures.


dipstick vapes




PAPA & Barkley

Suitable for flexibly-challenged stretchers or advanced yogis. First-timers get a free gift.

First time is free for women who work in the cannabis industry! Also there are pay-what-you-can slots in every class. Just email with your details.

Only one ticket per person. If you purchase tickets for your friends, we will return them as the ticket purchase includes the legal waiver. Refunds given to requests given before 24 hours before class start. You must be age 21+ to attend.

Arrive between 7-7:30, for yoga 7:30-9 (4:20 and 5 for Sundays). We have an optional complimentary tea lounge after yoga (from 9-9:30pm).



Do we need a medical marijuana card? No. While an MMJ card is not required for class, patients who have one can bring it, along with their ID, to receive a complimentary Eel River vape pen to take home!

“Do I have to use cannabis at Ganja Yoga?”
Yoga is great, altered or not. Sometimes students feel like using ganja to enhance their practice, and other times, having a yoga practice without ganja feels better. It’s always up to you.

“How much ganja should I consume for this practice?"
First-timers to Ganja Yoga or yoga in general should consume less cannabis than they usually do, so the experience of yoga is enhanced. Everyone’s relationship to cannabis is different.

"Is it co-ed?"

“Is it safe? What if I haven’t done yoga before”
Yes. We’re not going to get into an altered state of consciousness then show off our arm balances. Ganja Yoga is about experiencing something beautiful and trippy and cool inside yourself. Most of the time our eyes are all closed, so it’s about relaxing in an introverted way, without caring what others are doing. Yoga injuries are sadly far too common, and having suffered one myself, I strive to ensure my students' bodies are kept safe in all of my classes. More than that, I empower my students to take responsibility for themselves, and to chill the F out. :)

"So I attended my first ganja Yoga class this past Thursday. Being new to yoga, and doing it with ganja initially made me nervous, but everyone there was sweet and welcoming. It was the perfect class especially for beginners. Absolutely loved it. It's worth the experience, even if you're new to ganja and yoga!! I can't wait to go back!" ~ Quay