Jess Dugan leads Ganja Yoga into a new era and a new city. featuring classes every Sunday MORNING   and TUESDAY evening.

AS THE FIRST 'BRANCH,' Ganja Yoga Oakland will be a distinctive take on DEE'S CLASSES, While expanding our kula - our community of the heart. EXPECT ALL LEVELS HATHA/SLOW FLOW.

Flexibly-challenged stretchers to advanced yogis are welcome. This is a bring-your-own-cannabis class.

LIMITED 'KARMA YOGA' (pay-what-you-can) slots in every class FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T AFFORD OUR RATES. email with your details.

Meet Jess



Jess Dugan was the first teacher to expand Ganja Yoga ™ into a new city. Her bi-weekly classes have been featured internationally and are praised by a returning student base. She has since entered a partnership with GY™ founder, Dee Dussault to support the growth and traction of the brand and its community.

Her work draws on her experience as employee number one at The ArcView Group— our nation’s first cannabis investment firm–where she helped facilitate the funding of more than 60 companies with a capital raise of $50+ million and an additional $750k for drug policy reform initiatives. While stewarding ArcView’s investor community, she launched a business-mindfulness initiative to help combat the heavy demands felt across the emerging sector.

Jess believes a sustainable business starts with sustainable employees and applies this mindset to the GY™ expansion. Her commitment to wellness in the workplace has led her to produce and sell-out private retreats designed for cannabis industry professionals.

Prior to her work in VC, she ran a conscious-living blog dedicated to the appreciation of live music, covering domestic and international festivals.



"I had let myself fall out of regular yoga practice, but then I attended GanjaYoga with Jessica. The combination of cannabis with her focused attention really made me listen to my body; to feel how I've not taken the best care of it. Thanks to this class, I'm now back into regular practice in yoga classes 3 times a week. Thanks GanjaYoga!" ~ Michael B