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About ganja yoga™

Dee Dussault was the first teacher to publicly offer cannabis-enhanced yoga, and she coined the phrase ‘Ganja Yoga’.

A seasoned practitioner of twenty-four years, Dee is also an international speaker and the author of the Harpercollins book, ‘Ganja Yoga.’

Her ground-breaking work has been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, Newsweek, LA Yoga, and many other national publications, and has been featured in major media outlets in France, India, South Africa, and Japan.

In the past decade, Dee has taught Ganja Yoga to thousands of students, hosted sold-out Ganja Yoga retreats, and travelled with the practice to over fifteen North American cities. Last year, she launched the Ganja Yoga Teacher Training and Certification program. She is beyond-proud to have her certified Ganja Yoga teachers all over the continent !!

Dee does private sessions (Ganja Yoga classes or tantric sex coaching), from her home in Los Angeles, ~ and occasionally in SF.

ganja yoga Book

Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold!
Click the image to purchase online, or EMAIL us at the bottom of the site to order a signed copy for $25US/$50 International

50-hour continuing education

Ganja YOGA teacher-training

Yoga Alliance certified continuing education program
north american trainings are open to those half-way complete a yoga certification program in any style.
internatinional retreat-style trainings are open to everyone.

Option to join the Ganja Yoga™ brand,

or create your own form of enhanced yoga!!

Ganja Yoga is so much more than just weed + yoga.

In my twenty+ years of practicing, I suffered yoga injuries that could have been prevented. I’m thankful though, because from that I took a year-long biomechanics course with the amazing Katy Bowman, and it changed my understanding of yoga.

So, a big part of the training is unlearning some bad yoga alignment that’s made its way into studios across the country.

Leave knowing common alignment mistakes your students (and other yoga teachers!) often make, and, in fact, get a whole new understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the body.

For real.

… Soo much more than just weed yoga.

Ganja Yoga ytt Includes:

~ Complete training in conducting safe, all-levels, relaxation-based enhanced classes, from the person that has been facilitating them for ten years.

~ The medicinal, spiritual, historical, and modern practical use of cannabis.

~ GY YTT manual, with common injury-causing yoga postures, modifications, and instruction on poses best-suited to cannabis enhanced practice.

~ The full 411 on the importance of organic, heirloom cannabis varieties, permaculture and living soil, - and, most importantly, developing your unique healing relationship with the plant.

~ Information and support on marketing and business, including best practices for working with sponsors and with your local laws.

~ Certification of course completion, 42.5 Yoga Alliance continuing education credits!, and the opportunity to join the Ganja Yoga™ brand, with our certification program!

4/15 - 4/20 ~ Kingston, Jamaica
07/17 ~ 07/21 - Culver City, Los Angeles
08/14 - 08/18 - Toronto, Ontario
09/04 - 09/09 - Manhattan, NYC
09/18 - 09/22 - Montreal, QB
11/06 ~ 11/10 - Culver City, Los Angeles

“GYTT was so much more than a teacher training, it was a coming together of a movement from all across the globe. I say globe because this group is taking it all over the world, showing people what is possible and bringing love into the dark places that need light.”

Investment: $800 US Dollars
Early Bird: Register more than 60 days before day 1 for $700
(Returning GY YTT grads: $200!)

"I'm so immensely grateful for this training. It was thorough, knowledgeable, hands-on, and approachable, and you seamlessly shared the behind-the-scenes aspects to putting on Ganja Yoga classes. Biomechanics is going to change my life. Toke on!!"

To register, send your $200 deposit to a friend on paypal (, or venmo Dee-Dussault. Then email me to let me know which one you’re signing up for.

Not included: 1. Reading materials (approx $60), yoga supplies, meals, cannabis (we all share), or lodging .
Last day to register: One week before the training starts (so you can do the readings).
Refund policy: 100% refund if +45 days til the training start-date; Otherwise, minus 25% (or 100% transfer to a future training within 12 months). If within a week of the start-date, no refund or transfer is given.


“By far the best training I have ever taken. In fact, it was the best week of my life!”


certified ganja yoga teachers