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You made it!!


I am so, so happy you are here.
Happy and grateful, because it wasn't so long ago (nine years, to be exact), - that I had a hard time getting people to show up for Ganja Yoga.

No one - not a single person - showed up for my first class in my living room in Toronto.

Through my (I’ll admit it!), tears, I might have paused to note that while no one was showing up for my class, no one was talking about cannabis-enhanced yoga online either.

Seriously. There was also no one else in the English-speaking world advertising or discussing the benefits of cannabis-enhanced yoga classes.

Certainly I wasn’t the only one who found that cannabis calmed my mind, softened my muscle tension, and made the flow of sensation as I stretched far more delicious! Certainly there were others out there, furtively toking before yoga!!

That day in Toronto I decided I was still going to practice. Why spoil a good high with a little thing like a career disaster? And so it went. I kept at it. I had to.

Cannabis-enhanced yoga was too powerful, too healing, not to.

And at my next class, I actually had a few students show up. And they kept coming back, and telling friends, and word spread, and now somehow you heard about it. Tiny sparks, big fire.

Today, a Harper Collins book and Ganja Yoga Teacher Training program later, cannabis-enhanced yoga classes are sprouting up everywhere.

… And I can tell you that ganja yogis come in every shape, gender, sex orientation, ethnicity, and age, - but there are some universals. They are fun loving. They are free thinkers (though not, like, beat-you-over-the-head-with-it free thinkers). They are kind.

They are badasses for trying something different.

Just like you.

Cannabis-enhanced yoga is now everywhere. I took it out of that living room in Canada, and now rock in in Los Angels and San Francisco (and sometimes go on tour with it, and have some classes on Youtube and share about it on my Instagram account!). I also have certified teachers doing their thing and a rad business partner babe keeping the vibe going in Oakland.

And you??

Welcome to our tribe. Let's dance.

xo Dee Dussault




About / FAQ


Dee Dussault was the first teacher to publicly offer cannabis-enhanced yoga. A seasoned practitioner of twenty-three years, Dee is also an international speaker and the author of the Harpercollins book, ‘Ganja Yoga.’ Her ground-breaking work has been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, Newsweek, and many other national publications, and has been featured in major media outlets in France, India, South Africa, and Japan.

In the past nine years, Dee has taught Ganja Yoga to thousands of students, hosted sold-out retreats, and traveled with the practice to over fifteen North American cities, teaching Ganja Yoga to students of all ages, abilities, and experience levels. Her work has inspired dozens of other teachers to launch their own form of cannabis-inspired yoga, which is why she launched her Ganja Yoga Teacher Training program. Dee does sees private clients from her home in Los Angeles.


“How much ganja should I consume for this practice?"

First-timers to Ganja Yoga or yoga in general should consume less cannabis than they usually do, so the experience of yoga is enhanced. Everyone’s relationship to cannabis is different.

“Is it safe? What if I haven’t done yoga before?”

Yes. We’re not going to get into an altered state of consciousness then show off our arm balances.

Ganja Yoga is about experiencing something beautiful and trippy and cool inside yourself.

Cannabis-enhanced yoga should be slow and mindful.

In OUR classes, students have their eyes closed most of the time, since it’s really about relaxing in an introverted way, without caring what others are doing with their bodies.

Some yoga can be "show-offy" and potentially dangerous, but not ganja yoga.



"Extremely relaxing practice and incorporates a sense of community and body consciousness that I've never experienced in all my years as a yogi. Plus, I've never slept so well!" ~ Michael

Click  here  for a sample chapter. Click here to buy on  Amazon .

Click here for a sample chapter.
Click here to buy on Amazon.



Ganja Yoga Consulting

Want to start your own form of annabis-enhanced yoga but can’t attend a teacher training? Write out a list of questions and pick my brain on any topic, from working with sponsors, to creating sacred space, from troubleshooting to finding venues. 45 minute phone call, $108